Sulk City

English Action Adventure Fantasy

Michael is being a brat, troubling people at school and at home. But Michael blames everything on Wendy claiming that she never spends time with him anymore. To cheer everyone up, Peter takes them to Neverland. While everyone is playing silly games at the Never Tree, a sulky Michael slips away and unfortunately runs into Smee. Strangely, they become friends and complain to each other about bossy Wendy and bossy Captain Hook. Little do they know that they are talking to the Murmuring Make a Wish Trees. So when they wish for Captain Hook to have a runny nose and for Wendy to zip it, their wishes come true! How are Michael and Smee going to fix this big problem they have created. They have to fix the problem before they lose their beloved Wendy and Captain Hook.

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Powerkids Entertainment Singapore

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hi i want to watch peter pan


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