Peggy’s Personal Magnetism

Peggy’s Personal Magnetism

English Comedy

Pod gets mad at Peggy for always breaking his stuff so Peggy makes a “Powee-Wowee Paramecium Pinky Promise” to never touch ANYTHING belonging to ANYONE ever again. In the process, she breaks some more of Pod's stuff in his lab... and accidentally super-charges her body's natural magnetic abilities. As she leaves, we reveal: her body is now a powerful magnet, comically attracting all kinds of metallic objects – from small tools to street signs and large appliances. But Peggy stays true to her “promise,” and refuses to touch any of the objects now touching and sticking to her body. Can Squish keep her safe from the magnetic metal long enough for Pod to find a way to “demagnetize” her?

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Cottonwood Media, Federation Kids Family, Planeta Junior


Jack-Antoine Charlot


Eddy Fluchon


Planeta Junior

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