Lost Hook

English Action Adventure Fantasy

One night, when Wendy is all sad and upset, her brothers try to do everything to cheer her up but to no avail. Fortunately a very perky Peter Pan shows up just in time to take them to Neverland but even the thought of Neverland isn’t cheering Wendy up. Even in Neverland, Wendy remains gloomy despite everyone’s best efforts. Meanwhile, the pirates are showing off their best inventions, when the ever clumsy Smee manages to knock Hook to the ground and he doesn’t seem to be waking up! When he finally comes to his senses, he suddenly starts behaving like a child! Hook seems to have discovered his inner child but the pirates are not amused. And now he seems to have found friends in the Darling Children and even manages to cheer Wendy up. Peter Pan is upset that he is not the centre of attention anymore while John worries that this might be one of Hook’s evil plans. Smee realizes the only way to bring back the old Hook is to smack him in the head again. Will it work?

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Powerkids Entertainment Singapore

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