Gifted And Transferred

English Comedy

Genius Pod gets transferred to a special School for Gifted Microbes across Small Pond. He is the first amoeba to attend the school, which is filled with a type of brilliant student bacteria called Paenibacillus Vortex (or “Panny”). Not wanting to leave his friends behind, Pod creates an intelligence-expanding helmet for Squish and Peggy so they can join him in the brainiac school too. But when Squish and Peggy arrive, they learn that Pod is unhappy at the school because all the other Panny students are mean to him. Now Squish must help Pod get expelled – by teaching him how to act stupid! Can they all be dumb enough to escape the smartest school in Small Pond?

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Cottonwood Media, Federation Kids Family, Planeta Junior


Jack-Antoine Charlot


Eddy Fluchon


Planeta Junior

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